"Third Generation of Craftsmen"

Milwaukee, WI


About Anderson Floor Co Inc

Since 1993, homeowners have trusted Anderson Floor Co Inc to provide them with exceptional hardwood floors. Our achievements in the wood flooring industry as well as our high ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List and NARI prove our dedication to the trade. That is why we were hand-picked by Bona in 2010 to become a Certified Craftsman company, an honor only given to a limited number of flooring contractors in the country.

We follow the "best practices" of the industry. Our qualified, well-trained hardwood floor installers and finishers have pride in their workmanship. No cutting corners or shortcuts on procedures at this company! We use manually driven tools to install our floors using a system developed in the l940's. We apply our finishes in a way that meet or exceed the manufacturer's recommended coverage on the finish products. We will always make sure we have the proper electrical plugs to do your wood flooring project. We have a 100% workmanship guarantee. We offer Lifetime Support through Bona and Anderson Floor on qualified jobs.

Dust containment/evacuation equipment: We have respect for our customers and their homes. Thus we utilize Bona's Atomic Dust Containment units to keep your house as dust-free as possible. The equipment eliminates the nightmare of dust everywhere. You will get a higher quality result by eliminating the airborne dust from settling into the finish and gives a healthier working environment.

Greenguard certified finishes by Bona; the best seals, stains & finishes available: Anderson Floor Co Inc has taken the step to be environmentally responsible with lower than VOC compliant sealers and finishes. These finishes have high-wear resistance, are non-yellowing, non-flammable, excellent chemical resistance, formaldehyde free and virtually odorless. Since they are fast drying and fast curing, multiple coats can be applied in a single day. Bona's products are considered top of the line in the industry.


Damaged Oak floor

Owner had burned their wood floor with a reptile lamp left on the floor.